What to Expect

The Difference Is Night And Day

Night Sky Sedation is spearheaded by Dr. Mike Walbom, with many years of experience as a Dentist Anesthesiologist; you can say he knows a thing or two about the ideal patient experience. Our team is dedicated to providing a premier dental experience; the status quo isn’t enough. We offer dental sedation services to patients and dental providers located in  and Central Florida, and North Texas.

Whether you’re a patient or a dental provider, Night Sky Sedation provides the missing piece for the ideal dental patient experience. Our mission is to continue helping patients in West and Central Florida as well as North Texas get the dental care they need. We welcome all who are interested in dental sedation services to contact us for more information.

For Our Patients

As your personal Dentist Anesthesiologists we are here to serve you. Dental procedures can be scary and come with a lot of stress. Night Sky Sedation is here to eliminate that fear and take your stress away. We bet if we told you that you could sleep through your entire treatment, you’d feel a lot better about going through with the treatment. Well this is a reality, having to bear through the pain of invasive procedures or trying to manage dental anxiety is no longer an issue. Our sedation dentistry solutions create the ideal patient experience.

Our Night Sky Sedation team will conduct a thorough interview with you to understand your needs and create your personalized sedation plan. The day of the procedure, our anesthesiologist will be right by your side and will be completely in charge of your sedation. We believe quality service shouldn’t end at the completion of your procedure. Post-procedure we will be checking on you to make sure your recovery is going smoothly and address any concerns if they arise.

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For Providers

Bringing on a dedicated in-office Dentist Anesthesiologist comes with plenty of benefits. However, we understand that it can be difficult to envision how medical-grade dental anesthesia might fit into your practice. We recognize that your first priority is your patients. Night Sky acts as a specialist supporting your practice and allowing you to deliver best-in-class care to your patients. While the patient will always be our number one priority, we are also there to support you. 

During treatments and procedures, you will be able to focus on dental work entirely and not have to worry about anything on the sedation side of things. We will personally evaluate patients to create their individualized sedation plan pre-procedure and check in on them post-procedure. Providing a better experience for your patients not only shows that you value them but allows you to complete procedures efficiently.


The Difference Is Night & Day