Night Sky Sedation is dedicated to providing our tailored-made approach to sedation dentistry. Suffering through invasive or routine procedures shouldn’t be the norm. Our payment options make it easy for patients and practicing dentists to take advantage of our serene sedation services. We offer our services in Tampa, FL, Orlando, FL, Sherman, TX, and Dallas, TX.

Payment Plans

If you have a major oral surgery coming up or maybe you’re a candidate for dental implants, requesting our comfort services and fulfilling payment is made easy. An upfront non-refundable deposit will be requested as we start our comprehensive patient onboarding. That is all you’ll have to worry about until the day of your procedure or treatment.

When it comes time for full payment, you have options. We want our patients to not only be comfortable during their procedure but after as well. Your recovery should be easy-going, and you shouldn’t be stressing about medical bills. Night Sky Sedation offers an in-house financing option. Our interest-free financing allows patients to receive the support they need for as little as $67 a month; credit checks are not necessary to take advantage of this option. If monthly payments aren’t your thing, paying your full balance the day of your procedure is also an option. Our Night Sky Sedation team is more than happy to answer any questions and discuss your options in further depth. We want to ensure that you feel confident with your payment choice.

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For Providers

If you are a dental provider that values the patient experience, our dental sedation services are the perfect option to enhance your current dental services. In cases where we partner directly with the dental provider, the patient does not pay us directly. All financing and payment will be collected by the primary dental provider, whether that be a dentist or oral surgeon. This provides an added convenience to the patient experience and allows them to only have to worry about one payment.

Our approach to dentistry promotes less stress at every stage, including our financial process. Remember that at Night Sky Sedation quality of care is never based on how much you spend. If you are a patient or dental provider located in Tampa, FL, Orlando, FL, Sherman, TX and the DFW area in Texas, contact us to learn more. Night Sky Sedation does dentistry differently.


The Difference Is Night & Day