General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia
for Dentistry

Right off the bat, allow us to clear up a common misconception, general anesthesia in dentistry is not dangerous. This isn’t your grandparent’s or even your parent’s anesthesia, advances in modern medicine has developed safe general anesthesia. Under an experienced Dentist Anesthesiologist, hospital-grade anesthesia can provide a superior experience for all your dental needs. Night Sky Sedation are dental sedation experts providing services in North Texas, including Dallas, Sherman, and the surrounding areas. Our services are also available in West and Central Florida, for those who live in Tampa, Orlando, or the surrounding cities.

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What is General Anesthesia Dentistry?

General anesthesia dentistry is when hospital-grade anesthesia is used to perform dental work on a patient. The anesthesia induces a deep sleep and allows for maximum relaxation. Patients will be completely unconscious and not feel any of the dental treatment that is in progress. By the time they wake up, the procedure will be complete and the patient will have no recollection.

Night Sky Sedation specializes in performing general anesthesia in the dental office. We create personalized plans for each of our patients. There are multiple factors we consider when developing a customized plan, including health history, type of procedure, age, and much more. Our goal is to make your dental care as comfortable as possible without compromising your safety at any step.

The use of general anesthesia for children’s dentistry has grown as the benefits have been proven time after time. General Anesthesia is also useful for patients with special needs or extreme dental anxiety. By sedating the patient with general anesthesia; it allows the dentist to complete multiple dental procedures accurately and in a timely manner.

Benefits of General Anesthesia for Dentistry

Getting the dental care you need shouldn’t be complicated. General anesthesia is the perfect solution for individuals who suffer from dental anxiety or simply don’t enjoy the process of going to the dentist. Night Sky Sedation delivers what the patient wants, a better dental experience. If you are a patient or dental provider in the Sherman, Texas, Dallas, Texas area or the Orlando, Florida and Tampa, Florida area, Night Sky Sedation is ready to provide the missing piece to superior dentistry. Contact us to discuss sedation dentistry options.


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