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Night Sky Sedation is transforming how dental procedures and treatments are carried out. We do not believe dental care should be defined by painful procedures and traumatic experiences. We are giving what patients have been asking for with the help of modern medicine and many years of experience. Say goodbye to toughing it out through mild or major dental treatments. Our dental sedation services ensure the most comfortable experience possible.

As a patient, you may be prone to dental anxiety or phobia. Night Sky Sedation alleviates these feelings and puts you at ease. Maybe you simply prefer to be asleep for all dental work, that’s understandable. As a patient, you should have the right to pick the care that best suits you. Receiving the dental care you need shouldn’t be scary or complicated.Night Sky Sedation provides a better dental experience for patients in Tampa and Orlando, FL or Dallas and Sherman, TX as well as the surrounding areas in both states.
Dentist Anesthesiologist Mr. Walbom and Wife

Meet Dr. Mike

Dentist Anesthesiologist

Growing up Dr. Mike watched as his father, a dentist, provided life changing work for his patients, which inspired Dr. Mike to do the same. Over time Dr. Mike took notice of the many patients that struggle to receive dental treatment in the conventional way. He began looking for ways to help provide a more relaxing, comfortable and safe dental experience for patients. In his search he found dental anesthesia. Dr. Mike is passionate about making dental services available to all patients, including those with dental phobia, patients with special needs and those desiring a more relaxing dental experience.

Since Dr. Mike is fluent in both Portuguese and Spanish, he is able to communicate directly with a wider variety of patients providing them with a comfortable experience. Providers enjoy working with Dr. Mike as they know their patients are safe and comfortable.

Dr. Mike is part of the Dental Patient Safety Foundation which seeks for ways to improve safety for all patients. He regularly lectures at dental schools domestically and internationally regarding dental anesthesia and patient safety.

Dr. Mike married the love of his life, Dr. Michelle Walbom. They spend much of their free time together with family at the lake, working on the ranch, traveling and participating in dental and medical humanitarian service trips.




Think of a Dentist Anesthesiologist as a patient’s dedicated pain controller and comfort enhancer. As trained dentists, Dentist Anesthesiologists understand a wide array of dental procedures and treatments. Apart from their doctoral degree in dentistry, they complete a three-year post-graduate residency program where they specialize in anesthesia. During this three-year residency, Dentist Anesthesiologists are trained along with medical anesthesia residents. Our very own Dr. Mike completed both medical and dental anesthesia procedures during his residency.

Being formally trained as a Dentist Anesthesiologist means that you are able to safely sedate patients for dental procedures. Using general anesthesia allows patients to enter complete sleep. Deep relaxation and a sense of serenity are felt to the fullest. There is no pain during the procedure and the anesthesia used can provide pain control for more than six hours post-treatment.


The Difference Is Night & Day