Dental Providers

You are a practicing dental provider that not only provides exceptional dental care but values the complete patient experience. Your practice has been built on the fundamental principle that your patient should be as comfortable as possible and experience a fulfilling dental experience. Regardless of your specialty; dental implants, special needs dentistry, or even general dental care, Night Sky Sedation is the missing piece in creating the optimal patient experience.

Our complete dental anesthesia services are offered to practices in Tampa FL, Orlando, FL, Sherman TX and Dallas TX, and surrounding areas. The impact sedation dentistry has on the patient experience is extraordinary. But we don’t expect you to take us simply on our word:

The Numbers Back it Up

  1. 97% of patients want to be sedated for their dental treatments
  2. 92% of patients would like to be sedated for their dental procedure because of pain or anxiety of dental treatment
  3. 87% of patients would change dentist to one that provides sedation
  4. 35% of individuals do not visit the dentist because of fear and anxiety

While other forms of sedation dentistry are suitable options in some cases, the difference between alternative options and general anesthesia is night and day. Not only will your patients feel the difference, but as a dental provider, you will benefit as well. Multiple visits will be eliminated as complete treatment can happen with one visit. General anesthesia provides superior pain control for your patients, more than 6 hours long. Managing pain and providing comfort-orientated care leads to patient satisfaction and retention.

Working With Night Sky Sedation

As a dental care provider, teaming up with Night Sky Sedation means developing a true partnership. But don’t worry, you’ll still be running the show. Just think of us as an additional specialist at your practice. As your partner, we will take care of all the sedation aspects, including patient sedation intake paperwork. This allows you to put your entire focus on the procedure. You won’t have to worry about any monitoring or preparation. By aiding our dental partners, we ensure that patient safety and comfort are maximized at all times.

If the patient experience is something your practice values, complete sedation dentistry is the final step in providing the perfect serene dental experience. Whether you offer some sedation options or none, Night Sky Sedation can provide additional services for which your patients will thank you. If you are a dental provider in Sherman or Dallas, TX or any of the surrounding cities, Night Sky Sedation would love to hear from you. Additionally, we also partner with providers in Orlando and Tampa, FL as well as other surrounding cities in those areas. Contact us to learn more about our sedation dentistry services.


The Difference Is Night & Day