What is General Anesthesia/Sleep Dentistry?

What Is General Anesthesia/Sleep Dentistry?

What if we told you going to the dentist didn’t have to mean dealing with hours of uncomfortable treatment? If you’re anything like us, dealing with pain during dental care induces severe dental anxiety. For many years this has been the accepted norm. Night Sky Sedation believes in a modern approach to dentistry through general anesthesia. We offer our services to the following areas:  Sherman, Denison, Whitesboro, McKinney, Plano, Garland, and Dallas, Texas. We also serve Tampa, Brandon, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Largo, Seminole, Orlando and Pinellas Park, Florida.

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Gone should be the days of suffering through invasive dental procedures. General anesthesia dentistry eliminates all pain from dental procedures and treatments. General anesthesia is administered to the dental patient by a qualified anesthesiologist. Subsequently, the patient enters a calming deep sleep. General anesthesia is administered through a face mask or IV depending on the patient. Our experienced team at Night Sky Sedation develops an individual sedation plan that is ideal for each patient. We know that one approach or one plan doesn’t fit all. Different anesthesia medications and levels are used based on each case.

Benefits of General Anesthesia for Dentistry

Getting the dental care you need shouldn’t be complicated. General anesthesia is the perfect solution for individuals who suffer from dental anxiety or simply don’t enjoy the process of going to the dentist. Night Sky Sedation delivers what the patient wants, a better dental experience. We proudly serve Northeast Texas and West Central Florida. Contact us to discuss your sedation options.


The Difference Is Night & Day