The Benefits of General
Anesthesia Dentistry

Getting the dental care you need shouldn’t have to come with pain or even discomfort. With general anesthesia dentistry, every dental treatment can be a relaxing and serene experience. Pushing through dental care shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be the norm. The advancement of general anesthesia in the dental world allows for more comfort, ensuring that the patient experience is top-notch. Here are a few benefits that come with the use of general anesthesia within dentistry.   
  1. Spend less time in a dental chair 
  For most of us, time is our biggest asset. The last thing we want to do is spend hours in a dental chair, even those real comfy ones with the massage options. We may not mind a couple of minutes, but there are some procedures where more time is needed. With the use of sedation dentistry and general anesthesia, the time you spend in your dentist’s chair can be minimized. While the effects of general anesthesia lure you into a deep sleep, your dental care provider can complete your treatment more efficiently. Significant time is cut down when patients are under deep sedation as opposed to patients under little to no sedation. By the time you wake up from your relaxing slumber, your treatment will be complete.  
  1. Eliminates pain and discomfort 
  Modern advancements in dentistry have brought us a long way. In the majority of cases, we are not experiencing the same dental treatment our grandparents or even our parents did. But this doesn’t mean all pain and discomfort have been eliminated from even the most basic of dental procedures. General anesthesia solves this issue. When administered to the patient, hospital-grade anesthesia ensures that no pain is felt during the dental treatment. As your dentist performs the oral care you require, you will be completely relaxed in a deep sleep.
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  1. Provides pain assistance post-procedure 
General anesthesia dentistry comes with post-procedure benefits. Often, recovery after a procedure is overlooked. But in reality it is extremely important. At this point, the patient is on their own and doesn’t necessarily have the care of their dentist at the exact moment they may feel they need it. Hospital-grade anesthesia provides pain management and relief to patients for more than six hours in some cases, post-procedure. This is great support for patients as they recover.
  1. Helps patients with special needs
Oral care for patients with special needs can often require different accommodations. Whether it’s a patient with a disability or one that deals with a hypersensitive gag reflex, general anesthesia can help. Professional oral care is vital for patients with special needs because, in most cases, at-home care is more difficult. By sedating the patient dental professionals can complete the dental work they require. But most importantly, it makes the experience a lot more pleasant for the patient.
  1. Allows for a superior patient experience
All the benefits of general anesthesia dentistry can be summed up by the phrase, a superior patient experience. Hundreds of thousands of Americans avoid the dentist because of various reasons, including dental phobia and dental anxiety. They have usually had a horrible dental experience in the past, or they are unaware that an upbeat patient experience is possible. General Anesthesia provides this superior experience. Patients leave the dental office in better health and in a state of serenity. At Night Sky Sedation, we offer professional anesthesia services in Dallas, TX, Tampa, FL, and their surrounding areas. We proudly work with patients from all walks of life and with providers that value the patient experience.