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Let’s Talk Sedation Options

As a dental professional, owning and managing your own dental practice comes with a lot of challenges. You not only have to focus on the dental care you provide, but there is also the added stress of making sure the business is successful. Attracting new patients is important, but it’s even more important to retain them. If you’re constantly having to attract new customers because of retention issues, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle. Having an ideal patient experience is the best way to retain patients.  Maybe you already have a solid patient experience in place, you offer great amenities and the quality of service you provide is top-notch. But do you offer sedation dentistry? Having the latest dental technology and comfort amenities like TVs is a great start. But let’s take a closer look at what the patient’s priority is, their dental care. No matter how gentle your touch is, receiving dental care can be uncomfortable and in some cases painful. Unfortunately, the most minimal of discomforts can detract many from visiting the dentist again.  This is where sedation dentistry comes into play. Offering sedation options to your patients puts the experience in their control. Being able to minimize or completely eliminate any discomfort during dental procedures is a huge selling point. A national survey conducted by Night Sky Sedation, found that 97% of patients would prefer to be sedated for their dental treatments.
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Sedation Dentistry Gives You an Edge Over the Competition

It is also worth mentioning that the majority of dental patients are more likely to switch to a dentist that offers various sedation options. The same national survey revealed that 87% of patients would change dentists to one that provides sedation. Your patients want the added benefits that come with sedation dentistry and you should know that they’re not scared to pay for it. When looking at the cost of sedation dentistry, patients are happy to pay for the service. If it means little to no pain, saving time, and a quicker recovery time, patients are all in.

Retaining patients doesn’t have to be so complicated. Providing the best dental experience possible and giving your patients what they want leads to higher retention rates. If your practice does not offer sedation dentistry services or the services are limited, we urge you to consider the implementation of a full sedation dentistry offering.

Luckily you don’t have to start from scratch, or need to worry about finding qualified specialists to join your practice. At Night Sky Sedation, we partner with dental providers who are looking to implement full sedation services with minimal effort. If you are looking for sedation dentistry professionals in Dallas, TX, or sedation dentistry professionals in Tampa, FL, we can help. Let’s keep your patients happy and coming back for all their dental needs.