Ready for Dental Implants?
Let’s Talk Sedation Options

You’ve been envisioning the perfect smile for as long as you can remember. After consulting with your dental professional, it’s decided that you’d be a great candidate for dental implants. The smile of your dreams is so close, you can already see it in your head. You decide to proceed with the appropriate steps to get the procedure done and your dentist gets to work on designing your perfect smile. 

Dental implants are the gold-standard when it comes to cosmetic dentistry and are great for individuals looking for a complete smile upgrade. But the entire procedure can be pretty invasive and come with plenty of discomfort. Good news is that it doesn’t have to be. Sedation dentistry can provide a superior dental implant procedure experience. Sedation and implant dentistry go hand in hand; no one wants to deal with unnecessary discomfort or pain.

During implant procedures bone grafting, tooth removal, and other things may be required. You can imagine this isn’t a walk in the park and isn’t the quickest procedure either. Modern advancements in dental technology and techniques have allowed dental professionals to make the whole implant process a lot better. We believe you should be as comfortable as possible during your dental implant procedure. So comfortable that we invite you to consider taking a nap for the entire procedure.

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Anesthesia for Dental Implants

General anesthesia is the ideal option for patients planning to undergo a dental implant procedure. When administered by an experienced dental anesthesiologist, you will enter deep and relaxing sleep. You will remain asleep throughout the entire procedure and feel no discomfort. Any potential for pain will be eliminated and you won’t even know that the proper steps to your perfect smile are taking place while you’re taking a relaxing nap. Once your procedure is complete, the anesthesia will be removed and you will wake up feeling a sense of serenity. You will have no recollection of the procedure, but your perfect smile will be proof of the successful procedure. A huge benefit of using anesthesia for dental procedures is its pain management effects post-procedure. We’re talking about more than 6 hours of pain control after your procedure is complete. This is a great benefit when looking at recovery, which is an area that can be overlooked at times. While other forms of sedation exist and can be effective, general anesthesia for dental implants is truly the best option. Getting the smile of your dreams shouldn’t come with unnecessary pain or an uncomfortable experience. If you are a candidate for dental implants in West Central Florida, or North East Texas, Night Sky Sedation can ensure you have the ideal experience with our sedation dentistry services. Additionally, if you are a dental provider who would like to expand your sedation dentistry services for procedures like dental implants we can assist you.